A Self Reflection Holiday Takes Shape

I posted to Facebook:
“i’m startin a holiday that encourages “self-time” where people celebrate with each other by being alone.”
several replies to the post led to the below:
Conceived by Jeffery Mitchell & Gerald DeCosta

Is there a holiday where we celebrate alone time?
Like a day for self-reflection without the involvement of others?


Forever Living In Neutral Thoughts…

It’s that time of the year to empty out positive and negative thoughts to make room for neutral ones. In the FLINT Holiday, we spark ourselves into a day livicated for each of us (individually, because although we’re one, we’re not the same) to exercise the angels of selflessness while exorcising the demons of selfishness. April 1st is the Fool’s Day; 23 is a cosmic trigger day—a glorious day for meditation, Self-Reflecting, Self-Remembering and Self-Realization. Let’s get Fred, Sly and Rosetta and get lifted back into the stoned-age with our reptilian brain. Freak out in a stone-age daydream oh yeah!
Each year, throughout the days of our lives, we accumulate and identify with our thoughts (both positive and negative). Attached as we are to our thoughts we cling to them whether they are serving our innermost desires or not. FLINT allows us to reset our thoughts and recalibrate our heart to the rhythm of the One. A day honored to Self-time allows us to clean out the grime of fragmented and half-baked thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our feelings need a bath sometimes otherwise our thoughts become toxic and vice versa. FLINT is a Day set aside to uplift ourselves (mind, body and spirit) through a display of selfless gratitude for the gift of our lives, in our lives and through our lives. We are not for against the clouds that pass by in our mental sky…we just sit back reflect and watch them form and go bye-bye.

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