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20151007_123410the secret is getting your priorities straight. once you do that then the toughest part; the decision making, is greatly simplified. executing becomes easy as focus can be placed on strategies. revisit priorities semi-regularly as they should change (well at least the 3rd one or so on down).

also overtime you will begin to trust in your decisions and in the fact that you can adjust or correct things should the best decision and or priority is made.

as there are times when i have been so entrenched in executing and accomplishing that i forgot why i was even working so hard to do this. like 75% of the way thru when the effort engulfs me i can forget the reason for this undertaking and more importantly why it is so important to go at it this hard. experience has taught me to put my head down, plow thru the process and trust my earlier decision.

If you enjoy being grumpy, is it still grumpy? It makes returning to up that much more pleasurable…
up is not just a place to throw down from
i so love me some me. damn i do.
as the speed by way of over the counter diet pills kicks in
drinking hot tea in this office air conditioning

you know how you be at work saying to yourself that as SOON as you get off you going home and going straight the funk to bed?
and how your energy returns the closer to quitting time you get the better you feel…

“It’s important to realize that moving into a higher tax bracket does not mean that all of your income will be taxed at a higher rate. Instead, only the money that you earn within a particular tax bracket is subject to that particular tax rate.”

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