All This From Eating A Piece Of Chicken?

chicken way by far is my favorite food. just now i just got semi-euphoric from the taste of a Ralph’s rotisserie chicken. the leg and thigh which are absolutely my fave parts…

sometimes i eat food and it sooooo good to me i know it can’t be right or sanctioned by any religion. it makes me think nothing should feel this good to anybody in any universe. i have experiences so deeply rewarding, stimulating and encompassing that i know it (whatever “it” is) can’t be real. but the resulting feeling is tangible and definitely real. and though these moments are fleeting, they occur irregularly regularly enough to be a sustained part of my life. i can’t make them happen, they just do. and when they do it’s like its the first time or something completely brand new.

i put in work for years to get here. to be the person i am now. to have what i have but more importantly to be able to utilize the resources at my disposal. mainly my intellectual capability and my understanding of the general way in which the things around me work. how people work, how the legal system works, the financial, education, etc. to have found a harmony and carved out a space in it all where i can be me as big as i want to be. the way i want to be. uncompromised (to a very large degree anyways). i absolutely love who and what i am. i am who i always wanted to be.

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