Balance: Fridays Are Nothing Without Mondays

worked till midnight last night. so i got a later start this morning. home around 1am, alarm set for 9:30am to get to work a little less than an hour early to get steps in as per usual. my adhered to bedtime is to get 8+ hours sleep, but i know that doesn’t work on this schedule.


i get good sound sleep and wake up around 8am which is “late” for me and i cant go back to sleep. i get up an hour “early” and figure i’d wash out my funk travel t-shirts in the sink and let them dry overnight.

then i remember all my travel shorts and pants were dirty from the last trips and needed to be washed too. so i think hell i’ll do it after work tonight as tonight is my last night before the next adventure. still having a lot of time i figured i would machine wash these clothes and some socks using the building laundry and put them in the dryer when i got home. (working 12pm till 8pm gets me home at 9pm which gives me only 2 hours before i need to be in bed to get my 8 hours). i get the clothes in the washer, eat breakfast while getting stuff ready to be packed feeling good getting it done and i go to get the clothes from the washer and i think it doesn’t matter if i get my steps did here or at work. hmmmmm. i put the clothes in the dryer, set the timer on my phone to match the machine at 45 minutes and i didn’t even go back into the apartment. i gets to stepping. then i think i could walk half of the time past Ralph’s and on the way back stop and get tv dinners to cover lunch until my next free day. woo hoo!!

i was energized by my productivity and that energy and good feeling ran all thru my body. full stride shoulders back in the southern california sunshine. i enjoy the work needed for my adventures, hell it’s a big part of the fun the way i see it. having everything all in place when i get off duty and deep exhale on the flyaway bus to the airport. without the “work” how good can the play be? without mondays fridays would just be an ordinary day. without home travelling really isn’t travelling it’s something else. it’s the balance that makes things good to me…

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