Pope’in It UP!

it’s funny that if a politician said those things and rode in a Fiat we would instantly think pandering stunt. it’s all about faith…

Pope acknowledges non-believers.
YAY for us!
baby steps people. it’s just a matter of time…

the pope is more of a political figure than a spiritual one

20150926_144725Being an atheist, I’m trying to understand this whole “Pope” thing. Now what I do recognize is the power he has as figurehead for such a powerful institution. Now to have him bless me like he has some extra power or connection to “God” I really really don’t get. In fact, the reverence he is receiving is borderline blasphemy or idolatry.
I’m into the pomp and circumstance of the Catholic Church and as an institution i marvel at the legacy, but I don’t see a logical viable meaning in what the Pope is supposed to represent spiritually.

The Pope in a Fiat

Pomp and circumstance. Seems to me this is somekind of idolatry or blasphemy

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