Random FB Posts:

20150908_192921So now you get in trouble for what you don’t say?

I need to be careful who I outshine…
This little light of mine can be blinding.


I think I hope not.

uh, oh. i’ve reached the comfort level where i sing and talk to myself outloud at work without even knowing it. having playful conversations with myself and laughing even. which is a really good thing for me and my energy and productivity and capability going forward, but AS ALWAYS how it’s received by those around me is key…

ain’t been on public transit in so long i feel bad. at 9.95 a day im keeping this rental car like its part of the family, my metro pass even expired. it’s nice but it’s making me soft a lot of my daily exercise was done metro’in. pushing a 2015 loaded Nissan Sentra, 9.95 a day comes out to about 330 a month which is less than a car payment even with good credit with no maintenance, licenses, etc. enterprise rental they know me by name been going there for years soooooo ill get the weekend special and they’ll be like “keep it! you know you want to” LOL

It’s called “rain,” I think…

Jesus at quarterback on a team full of archangels with God as coach could not have beaten Tom Brady and the Patriots last night.

people need solutions not hope

everybody needs a little bit of evil in them to survive (and to be happy). and the world needs evil. God needs evil the most.  sometimes you have to be cold and calculating, sometimes you have to hurt and banish people from your lives. sometimes you have to kill. sometimes you have to let bad things happen knowing you will benefit at another persons pain. etc etc To me there really is no evil, just evil acts. And is malice a requirement of evil? Does the person carrying out an act see it as evil?

If i cared i could wear a bluetooth earpiece so when people see me talking to myself they’d think i was on the phone.
But i don’t.

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