The Commercialized Holidays

i guess as i got older the way i looked at “commercialized” holidays changed. yes, a bunch of the holidays are superficial to an extent but that’s part of the fun in it. to be a part of the mass participation and exploitation. and for me to very obnoxiously be a part.

christmas is an easy one to go with, hell it’s a whole season. valentines day once i found a balance and not taking it so seriously i was able to play in the overblown pageantry of it all and that’s when it became fun. kind of like halloween, playing dress-up and or becoming something out of character in a tongue in cheek celebration of someone or something.

mother’s day somewhat too as some years we would go out and participate in it just because we knew it was what it was. just to be out in the madness and the displayings of it all.

don’t get me wrong, at the core it is nice to recognize and acknowledge the honorees on those special holidays and to think of them with a sincerity. but without the over the top stuff would not these days get all deep and have a heavy serious tone? i’m sure for some of us it does as we remember and or celebrate. the vast diversity of feelings, opinions and reactions on display for me is maybe one of the best parts of this human experiment.

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