We Doing The Damn Thing

20151031_114257you can watch the news and see the dozen or so times we humans are still trying to get it right, whatever “right” means. and it’s without wonder how we can easily overlook the how many millions of more times we humans are doing the damn thing. but the silver lining in our dismal news media tendencies is that we are bringing attention to perceived evils and exposing them to the possibility of being corrected.

all that being said as i sit with a food high from a company sponsored seasonal gluttony fest in a skyscraper in a downtown in a city that i love living a life and doing the things i have always dreamed about a day before the day we are to pause and give thanks its very very hard for me to imagine how anyplace in the sky or in our minds could be better than this here spin we are doing on this rock we call earth.

fleeting and momentary it may be these instances of euphoria (not), but to have them at all is a pleasure that i do not take for granted. i ain’t shamed of my happiness and the celebration of me because i worked to get to this place and i work to maintain it. if i am blessed it was when it was determined who my parents were gonna be and to which families i would be blood related to. born into such support and resources that even with all my ego i’m humbled. i am a product of my environment and experiences and no matter how jeffery jeffery jeffery i could ever be i do not exist in a vacuum. in fact, what good is a jefferyTV if there is no audience? no criticism? the accolades along with the disagreements? i need and love it all. the good and the bad, the right and the wrong- with everything being relative it’s how you digest and perceive it.

and it all tastes and feels good to me. i love even the stuff i don’t like…

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