Yarbrough And Peoples Turn Out Encino Eatery

Alisa Peoples(Yarbrough)

In what was a post funeral service gathering  for Gap Band bass player Robert Wilson, Yarbrough And Peoples joined the house band and turned it out with energy and excitement. “It was not only good to hear that voice from back in the day, but to see them take the stage enthusiastic to play.”Yarbrough & Peoples

Both played multiple instruments with the intention of taking it higher and they did.  Said one patron: “Alisa Peoples took the stage trying to play everything she could and was rocking it like she was in church!”  He went on to say: “(Cavin) Yarbrough took over one keyboard, while Peoples grabbed a mic. Next thing I know they had switched and she was funkin’ up a bottom bass line.”

Stevie’s Creole Cafe & Bar, located at 16911 Ventura Blvd Encino, CA 91316 34.1595

Lead singer of house band stated several times that this weekly event is on a trial basis and he respectfully solicited our support. Several vocalists (soulful black females singing R&B) from the audience did cover solos.

Ex Gap Band percussionist Victor Orlando was upfront delivering monster solos the whole night and took vocal lead and MC duties later in the evening.

Video footage to be posted soon.

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