Yes, I Am Most Comfortable

Oh yeah I’m most definitely comfortable. My personal life experience has presented me with nothing to be mad about. Hell I may even be incapable of hosting chronic or long-term anger. I am what my life and my choices have made me.


For you to say nothing has really changed much is flat out incorrect. For one at the least laws have been changed. To compare the life of a black person now to the life of a black person 50 years ago?

50 years ago how many black people were on TV, in elected office, popular sports figures, entertainers, and getting big time paid? from segregation to having a black president? are things perfect no and they will never be. perfect is unattainable there will ALWAYS be something and i tend to judge by how such things are handled. yes, i judge, stereotype, categorize and evaluate. what is successful and what is not. who is comfortable within their own energy and who is not. how much energy a player spends complaining about a bad call and how much energy they spend elevating their game to overcome any and all deterrent. the most precious things in life cannot be given. happiness and freedom being two of those things must be earned and achieved, nothing is free in life especially in this capitalistic experiment, but all the tools and resources are out there to have and no they are not distributed fairly just as opportunity isn’t. but it’s out there for everybody to have. it may take generations to learn how to play the game and i believe that is what’s needed and that can’t be given to anybody.

and lets face it, everybody is at the game but everybody can’t be stars. hell some will never get off the bench. some are injured, some are just solid back-up players. equality is a pipe dream. and as with all pip dreams it is yours to have and i will never denounce or ridicule any ones dream. now i will critique the sustainability and practicality of a persons goals and dreams but i would never ever never tell them not to have them. the worst i can say is i dont understand how that is gonna work.

the game is not fixed or rigged, but THERE ARE RULES!!! some written, some unwritten. there are even some rules and laws that one is “suppose” to break. knowing when and how to do that is a part of life. when to get in and who to get in with. understanding the tools and resources necessary to navigate in this hyper capitalistic discriminating society. no it ain’t fair nothing in nature is. and nothing in nature will ever be so stop waiting on it and go and get yours. or don’t. or continue to spend energy trying to change the game, it’s ALL GOOD. whatever you or i or anybody does ITS ALL GOOD IF YOU MAKE IT GOOD!!!! it ain’t easy and it’s not suppose to be. yes, life ain’t easy or fair but it is extremely possible to have and live a good fulfilled life. this life might not be for everybody as the life you live is the life you have and THATS YOUR FULFILLMENT! there are no do overs, no saying someone cheated, no getting your money back. how you feel about your life is solely up to you once you reach a certain age. though your childhood and upbringing could destroy many paths to whatever your personal goals to happiness are, as an adult on this earth no one but you is responsible for you or your happiness.

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