15+ hours of Funk at Long Beach Funkfest

The 2nd Annual Long Beach Funkfest ended this morning at 2am in the Rhythm Lounge, with a jam session that included Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain.” It began sum 15 hours earlier with Orgone featuring Fanny Franklin doing “Cosmic Slop.” The Ladies of P-Funk headlined and in true p-funk fashion came with the goods and turned it out. It was not an easy thing to do as The Original Stone City Band was taking no prisoners and brought Buffalo’s “Rick James” funk style to the festival as if the “Ladies of the Mary Jane Girls” was the headliner.

Greg Thomas, Norwood Fisher and Novena Carmel (among many many others to be noted later) sat in on an extended version of Parliament’s “Testify”  right after Orgone which set a nice funky foundation.

Much more in between but the true gem of the night was P-Funk. Considering that George Clinton and the P-funk Allstars are touring Europe right now, the “Mob” that showed up last night brought some real heat.  As if Mr. Dewayne Blackbyrd McKnight and Ms Dawn Silva wouldn’t.

Commentary, details, photos and video to come.

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