“Because I’m Not Bound To Any External Principle(s)” – jefferyTV

20150819_005944my issue with this whole thing is that if anyone even asks a question let alone challenge a point in the whole gay rights thing they are demonized and called homophobic and therefore a truly deep conversation of the pros and cons has never happened.

i’m not bothered by the lifestyle one bit, it’s not that. but there is something very un-discussed in all this that could or should be addressed before we so willingly embrace such a major change.

The opposition’s opposing opinion has been driven underground beneath the pressure of political correctness. Without a good healthy discussion of the topic and the impact, if any, something like this will have.┬áPolitical correctness has become a bully.

you know, it makes me wanna go buy a confederate flag and i don’t give a damn about what it means. something about this pressured bandwagon knee-jerk response irks me.

and i really don’t know why yet…



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