Christianity Is Based Completely On (D)Evil

20140709_075731Christianity is completely based on sin. The New Covenant and therefore Jesus wouldn’t be needed if it wasn’t for evil or the Devil (which God created). God sent his son to us, we kill him and that’s the way to God?

The goal of God and Jesus should be to save the Devil! The Devil can’t be saved cause if he was that would end Christianity and there would be no threat of Hell. It just doesn’t make sense that an all knowing all powerful creator would set it up this way if you ask me. There had to be a better way that a God could have done this…


That’s one of my biggest issues with faith in unseen beings, people giving away all the credit for not only things they accomplished themselves, but the belittling of mankind as a whole. Let alone thinking there is a better place than than the planet we have now once again for an imagined, unseen hoped for place. 

It wasn’t God though it may be unexplained,  it’s cause you worked your ass off and fought through it! 


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