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Suicide = No Heaven

Robin Williams cannot enter Heaven. But I think he was Jewish and they don’t believe in heaven anyways (I thought it slightly amazing I instantly knew that about that religion). I believe one can be an atheist and still believe in a metaphysical realm. There can be “supernatural” things without God. One can be an …

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Christianity Is Based Completely On (D)Evil

Christianity is completely based on sin. The New Covenant and therefore Jesus wouldn’t be needed if it wasn’t for evil or the Devil (which God created). God sent his son to us, we kill him and that’s the way to God? The goal of God and Jesus should be to save the Devil! The Devil …

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The Freedom Not To Participate

religious folks got a tough decision to make. an abomination is an abomination. if you claim to be a follower of God’s word there are certain things that are clearly stated as being against His will. if you live in the USA you all but have no choice but to accept something that you may …

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How Does God Answer Your Prayers?

Is there such a thing as praying and leaving it in God’s hands too much ? You ever wonder how God does it?How does God interact with the universe? When you pray for victims of a natural disaster what does God do to help these people? Does he make floods recede or move a tree that …

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More Of My Personal Atheism

I was bitter about religion and how believers treated me back when I realized I didn’t believe in God and EVERYONE around me did. I was totally convinced everyone around me was “wrong” for believing in imaginary things that no one ever saw- but I was the one crazy one. Being ridiculed and told to be …

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The Power Of “Faith” is Also the Problem with Faith

Faith works. A person with a faith is a happier, better functioning human being. Faith by definition is belief in things for which there is no evidence. Over the years of human development systems were created that pump adreneline, saratonin, endorphins and other stimulants into our system based on how we feel and what we …

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Dr. Cornell West and Black People’s Attitude Towards the Sciences

Smiley and West reflect on the discovery by scientists of the “God particle”, a sub-atomic key to understanding the (physical) existence of life. i love Dr Cornell West but this kind of flippant attitude towards science at this level from someone looked to as intellectual by his community is whats keeping black folks behind the …

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More #dogspeeding…

Do you understand the basic points behind the Big Bang Theory? (not the song or tv show) Not believe, but understand man’s best scientific guess at our origin?  the big bang the6ry does not attempt to answer how or what started it all. it is data we have collected on what happen after it started. …

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