Desiring A New Level Of Consciousness

It may be my 2 month old sobriety has opened my eyes. It may be I’m just getting old. Or maybe I’ve naturally grown bored of the same ole, same ole. But I am ready for change. And though I know that the “everything and everybody” around me will be a part of it, I deeply feel no external source I have experienced can get me to this new understanding. I’m at the point now I want to create my own philosophy, music, understandings and stories. There are only parts and pieces of external influences and entities that I align with. 

imageI have found no external entity or ideal that I totally agree with. With with my “age” and experience I feel I have the confidence to create my own ideals. The key being confidence. I have no apprehension in “comparing” my philosophical ideas with any other and seeing how it matches up logically,  philosophically and spiritually. I am confident enough to challenge any long standing tradition because my life experience has rewarded me many times when I have stepped away from common concepts that I did not agree with.

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