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Heaven Is Harmony & Conscious Freedom

Sept 19, 2009 To get to the point when you are living life according to self developed “rules” and understandings. To have love for everything with confidence and no fears according to your own moral code. Not having to answer to anything in any universe for what one believes, be it in life or at …

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Desiring A New Level Of Consciousness

It may be my 2 month old sobriety has opened my eyes. It may be I’m just getting old. Or maybe I’ve naturally grown bored of the same ole, same ole. But I am ready for change. And though I know that the “everything and everybody” around me will be a part of it, I …

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My Life I Love

I love my life absolutely. I dont think that im in love with myself, but i am definitely in love and very proud of the things i can do. The things that i am capable of is what i love most about me. My knowledge gives me “advantages” and a freedom that most people will …

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“If Consciousness is a Quantum Process…”

“many find it difficult to believe the soul is a quantum computer hardwired to the cosmos” -Through the Wormhole, The Science Channel   there is no right or wrong, its about the ability to believe uninhibitedly having a boundless imagination andĀ freedom to think outside the limitations of logic when fantasies = beliefs = personal definitions …

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