How You Feel vs Your Perspective, Worldview & Experience Of Life

the experience of time is 90+% based on one’s current feeling and attitude. how i feel can vary and is relative, but my overall perspective on life based on my experience always has me optimistic and basically happy. sure i get bored, moody and irritable but i enjoy even that time because i know soon enough i will be back on that high. and not to jinx anything but i cant remember the last time i was sick. i have allergy issues but like the flu or a cold? it may have been a few years.IMAG3020-1

i am rested, nourished and healthy. in such a good spirit that i can handle anything this job can throw at me right now and time is flowing as smooth as the Mississippi river was when i sat on the bank for an hour just to feel it. i’m on and up and damn near every time i get back here it feels like the very first time.

i so very deeply love my life and consciousness. though i love me some me, i’m not in love with me. i’m in love with life and consciousness. and what i feel im capable of in this life.
i love being me

i so deeply love being jeffery…
it took years of effort to get here, but here is where i want to be, everybody should love being themselves.

i gotta be mindful ot the affect my energy has on the people around me. it affects people in different ways, but in the work place and or in someone else’s house its my responsibility to regulate it. maybe why im probably most happy when im alone to experience my turn up without restriction. or at a concert or football game when go crazy is expected.

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