I Need To Stay And Live Single (for at least a little while)…

For the past few years I’ve been continuously in sequential relationships. This is not a rant against relationships, this is about me and possibly what I need to do and be. Often I feel the most happiest when I’m alone, but I’m more than likely the most excited in a relationship. Again, this is not about “them,” this is about me.

20070405 018 They say the perfect most right person is out there for everybody, but one has to be ready and open to that. Not only in one’s mind, but with one’s time. There are also physical, financial and many other factors that play into having a relationship. My situation very presently is that I’m focused on work. Work is so much a priority that everything I do and think is in relation to my work schedule.

This is not a complaint as I made more $$ last week than I ever have in my life. In comparison its not a whole lot of $$, but in relation to me, my low overhead and lifestyle it’s a bunch. I like what I do and I enjoy it, it’s challenging but not hard. It can be not easy, busy and trying but that is not only expected, it is a necessary component to keep me interested and on my game. There is little time for anything else the way my priorities are set right now, and again that’s not a complaint. I’m content with work, eat, sleep and being left to myself.

But there is something in me that has me always chasing or looking for that next one. It may be just a distraction as I may be chasing something that I don’t really even want….

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