My Thoughts On The 2013 Grammy Awards

If yesterdays Grammy’s was any indication rap is dead or dying. I dont remember any rap performamces other than LL and Chuck D and that was at the end. There was no Funk, basically no R&B as ive known it and even a new category- Urban Contemporary.

But watch out, white folks is gettin’ it down. Justin Timberlake killed. Jack White tore it all the way up, with a rock sound that felt more “on the one” than old school rock. Sting with Bruno Mars, Carrie Underwood, etc brought very strong energetic performances.

I was not wowed by Frank Ocean, but i can see why his style is popular.

Even though LL and Chuck D are not gangsta and lean towards a more conscious hip hop, the energy was “still” hard and tough. Like that of struggle and fight. The performance killed, but the energy seemed outdated.

The one hip hopped out cat i saw took the stage with Jay Z to get an award and looked way out of place. Jay Z didnt even thank anybody receiving the award he made a joke about hip hop costumed guys hat saying he thank the swap meet he got that “boys in the hood” hat from.

Though i may not partcularly like the styles of musics last night, the performances and productions of all of them were very good and very tasteful.

No gangsta energy. And i really dont remember any traditionally “black” music. No “real” R&B and no traditional soul (though Carrie Underwood came close in a “new” way). The gospel performance was good (white folks).

The dancing, singing and stage production was top notch. Very innovative visuals using projection with Frank Ocean and Underwood very creative. Graceful and tasteful though i remember very little diversity.

For me this was a tasteful classy show very unlike the NAACP Image Awards which seemed still in that gangsta ghetto mess tone. 10 minutes into the NAACP Image Awards i was all but screamin at Steve Harvey’s buffonery. Dont get me wrong, i laughed cause Mr Harvey is funny but as a representative of an “Image” i felt he set black people back 50 years. Though i will say that after his opening monologue i didnt get that feeling from him again. Then the tone and production of the show seemed stuck in an older time and consciouusness. And it was more than just the over the top God thanking, something modern and innovative was missing.

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