My Top 10 Events: 2016

The Top Ten:

2016-09-03 daddy’s funeral ruth ame zion church – sharon, pa
2016-08-13 kimberly’s wedding & reception youngstown, oh
2016-04-25 prince second line ohh pah doo bar – new orleans, ca
2016-08-07 p-funk stambaugh auditorium – youngstown, oh
2016-12-31 (new year’s eve) p-funk brooklyn bowl – las vegas, nv
2016-06-04 camping mcbride springs campground – mt shasta, ca
2016-06-02 the childs 8th grade graduartion san bernardino, ca
2016-01-22 funky fridays (michael hampton) hanglider – los angeles, ca
2016-09-25 vape pen purchase about smoke shop – sacramento, ca
2016-01-23 namm anaheim convention center

Honorable Mention:
2016-04-24 p-funk the republic – new orleans, la
2016-12-09 head surgery angela castellano – van nuys, ca
2016-11-19 jean’s bday family party san marino, ca
2016-06-22 p-funk fishbone brooklyn bowl – las vegas, nv
2016-03-19 overton lloyd – rhythm of vision ca african american museum – los angeles, ca
2016-02-21 kim manning men for sale video shoot hollywood, ca
2016-06-26 oly’s funk jam 5 gardena, ca
2016-08-10 miss richardsons 93rd bday dewey st porch party youngstown, oh
2016-05-07 p-funk house of blues – cleveland, oh
2016-09-18 p-funk shelia e ozomatli santa cruz mountain sol festival – santa cruz, ca

2016-12-30 p-funk the depot – salt lake city, ut
2016-12-28 p-funk the norvo – los angeles, ca
2016-12-26 p-funk the observatory – san diego, ca
2016-12-25 xmas dinner lauries – san bernardino, ca
2016-12-24 xmas eve lauries – san bernardino, ca
2016-12-23 recording session (lee, houston) jefferytv
2016-12-09 trulio disgracias the hotel cafe – hollywood, ca
2016-12-03 masonic hall los angeles, ca
2016-12-03 red lobster inglewood, ca
2016-12-02 recording session (sanders, brown, feldman, lee) 
2016-11-25 weapon of choice the hotel cafe – hollywood, ca
2016-11-24 thanksgiving dinner mommys – loma linda, ca
2016-11-20 recording mixing session (nero, altimaro) jefferyTV
2016-11-02 sal’s kitchen martinez, ca
2016-11-02 child support court martinez, ca
2016-11-01 oz korean bbq sacramento, ca
2016-10-30 mountain mikes pizza sacramento , ca
2016-10-22 sir funk’s funk jam lancaster, ca
2016-10-12 birthday fight chateau shasta – mt shasta, ca
2016-10-11 pre-birthday fire chateau shasta – mt shasta, ca
2016-10-08 trulio disgracias eagles club – venice beach, ca
2016-09-26 breakfast perko’s cafe & grill – sacramento, ca
2016-09-25 dinner fat city bar & cafe – old town sacramento, ca
2016-09-25 america river access sunrise sacramento, ca
2016-09-25 brunch perko’s cafe & grill – sacramento, ca
2016-09-17 katdelic boom boom room – san francisco, ca
2016-09-05 we! recording session (major, sanders, lee) jefferytv
2016-09-03 jai-alai (bar, billards, juke box) hermitage, pa
2016-09-03 daddy’s burial america’s cemetery – hermitage, pa
2016-09-02 quaker steak & lube (remi) gardena, ca
2016-09-01 belleria pizza (sausage sandwich) youngstown, oh
2016-09-01 waffle house (kimberly) girad, oh
2016-08-22 daddy’s passing riverside, ca
2016-08-11 family bbq joe & terri’s – youngstown, oh
2016-07-29 mark lee recording session jefferytv
2016-07-12 mt shasta trip chateau shasta – mt shasta, ca
2016-07-04 bbq (homemade ice scream) mommy’s – loma linda, ca
2016-06-25 p-funk the grove – anaheim, ca
2016-06-23 p-funk belly up – solana beach, ca
2016-06-04 weedfest weed, ca
2016-06-04 life path \ destiny reading shambhala center – mt shasta, ca
2016-06-03 black bear cafe mt shasta, ca
2016-06-03 showers lake siskiyou beach – mt shasta, ca
2016-06-02 mt shasta brewing company weed, ca
2016-05-16 roscoe’s chicken and waffles (with kimberly and kyle) hollywood, ca
2016-05-13 funky fridays (henderson, kimberly, kyle) hanglider – los angeles, ca
2016-05-06 family bbq youngstwon, oh
2016-04-15 p-funk – grass valley, ca
2016-04-14 p-funk the new parish – oakland, ca
2016-04-08 funky fridays hanglider – los angeles, ca
2016-03-25 funky fridays (henry, tate, raven) hanglider – los angeles, ca
2016-03-23 moms bbq (mr t) van nuys, ca
2016-03-18 funky fridays (henderson) hanglider – los angeles, ca
2016-03-11 funky fridays hanglider – los angeles, ca
2016-02-22 we recording session (lee, sanders) jefferytv
2016-02-19 funky fridays hanglider – los angeles, ca
2016-02-11 lonnie marshall corky’s – van nuys, ca
2016-02-06 local ice studio city, ca
2016-02-02 paul altimaro mixing session jefferytv
2016-01-29 funky fridays (trulio disgracias) hanglider – los angeles, ca
2016-01-22 wimbash bootsy girls george johnson namm – anaheim convention center
2016-01-22 namm jam (jara harris, norwood fisher) pierce street annex – costa mesa , ca
2016-01-21 slapbak trulio disgracias the federal bar – long beach, ca
2016-01-12 we! recording session (major, sanders, lee) jefferytv
2016-01-08 funky fridays (buddah blaze) hanglider – los angeles, ca
2016-01-02 asadero’s mexican sea food restaurant kettlemen city, ca
2016-01-01 katdelic boom boom room – san francisco, ca

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