Race, Police, Data and Emotional Pleas

I’m not an expert but maybe those white suspects completely comply and fully surrender in a most passive submissive way.

Gene Ollivierre There’s no fear when they look in the mirror . They know their going home even when belligerent .This is the separation . You should watch the movie ” White Man’s Burden ” w / Harry Bellefonte and John Travolta .What George Floyd on the ground wasn’t compliant ? When he begged for mother, and 3, 4, 5 minutes into the Execution he wasn’t completely compliant ? Sound like your defending the indefensible . Half the Police Departments are KKK members thats why the 3 other officers watched the execution . White people comply ? What you should be asking is , how many White people DONT go home to this their loves ones ? Was the Jogger not compliant enough? The EMS worker shot 8 times in here own bed not compliant enough ?

Gene Ollivierre This is such a disingenuous question to ask .

Gene Ollivierre Not being an expert isnt the question. Why would you even have to ask ?

Eddie Conley it’s easy to submit when you’ve already finished commiting your crime I’d bet. But what about when you aren’t committing one? Or when you’re already cuffed or when you’re being choked?

Gene Ollivierre Eddie Conley Exactly

Gene Ollivierre Eddie Conley Its a contrarian question he’s asking .Nothing more, nothing less .

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
ok, im just brainstorming while i take in your statements. not really making a point im more looking to understand how you and others see it. i dont, cannot and will never see this or anything the way you do so my real intention is more to learn than to present an argument. in the high profile cases the media presents there is more than likely wrong doing. no justifying that. but to take these cases to accurately represent the estimated 50,000 stops police make a day may not be accurate. there is no doubt black drivers are stopped at a higher rate, but these are “just” stops and the overwhelming number of them end without incident. and how can you NOT perceive a 18 year old punk ass kid and a 46 year old male ex-football player differently? this was just an example, please try to understand the idea. again, we both can pick and choose instances that prove and disprove the points we bring up.

Gene Ollivierre I understand and duly noted .By the way , how you holding up ? I was going to the show in Detroit and then Chicago later this month that been canceled. Are they going resume with makeup dates ?

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
“just stops” for me means NOT comparing being stopped driving while black and police brutality. these are two different things. maybe even to make this police brutality thing racial could not be seeing the whole picture. maybe lay enforcement is fucked-up across the board and the cases of white people killed by cop (the number is much higher) go unnoticed because they dont fit the current hot narrative of racism. i think we all need statistics and data and not emotional videos pushed at us from major media. i’m not justifying anybody’s anything i am more inclined to wait for evidence and that in itself has gotten me called uncle tom

Gene Ollivierre We got dead bodies . White people can massacre 9 church goers and are taken to Burger King .They can go on high speed chases and go home . We had 4 executions and 2 lynchings in the last month and none of the perpetrators are dead for their crimes.

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
are there make up dates posted?? LOL yeah very more than likely i will be there when they happen!!

Gene Ollivierre I know their in a financial pinch like many musicians these days .

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
and yes, i have always been that contrarian ALL my life but feel regardless of that my point or argument (as with anybody’s) should stand on its own no matter from where or why it comes

Gene Ollivierre I know .Inquisitive minds ask .You must be from the show me state ! LOL !

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
and full disclosure i am more of the notion that if you fuck with police you get what you get. none if any of the high profile police brutality cases involved a black man with a favorable GPA studying in a library. not agreeing with police brutality or condoning it, but if you break the law you will get what you get. from both sides. the laws of man take second seat to the laws of nature. this game aint fair and never will be. good things happen to bad people and visa versa. but there are ways to increase your chances by staying away from trouble or harm regardless of what is suppose to be. again, not saying that anybody should have died at any time, but what i am saying is that there is a 98% chance you will never see me in many of those situations.

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
hey man thanks for triggering this writing exercise!!!! hope to see you out there at a show. happy sunday!!!

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
ok, one more question. do you think the officer in the George Floyd incident intended to kill Floyd? that it was the officer’s intention to kill Floyd?

Gene Ollivierre I couldn’t disagree more . White People dont Drive While Being White . Problem is White people dont have to teach their kids to survive a traffic stop .A kid and her mother shouldn’t be approached by a cop who says hi and the kids raises her hands and says am I going to die and it goes viral , this is NOT a White childs reality. This would never go viral because it’s a reality for White people .You making excuses for Racist cops .

Vinnie Barrett Did you say suspects I don’t believe you just said suspects

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
Gene Ollivierre regarding the driving while white, i agree with you that happens, but its NOT police brutality. there is even a chance its not illegal, but yes its unfair and unfortunate. excuses for racist cops? not really im more saying racism exists and will NEVER go away. ALSO BLACK COPS have that same bias when stopping black people. hell years ago even Jesse Jackson admitted he had that apprehension also. i’m more like saying you will never ever get rid of bias

Gene Ollivierre Yes. It was personal. they has issues working together at a Nightclub as Security . The White owner of the club said the White officer had a history of just pepper spraying people all at once for nothing .BTW , that Murdering coward , had 17 previous charges of Police Brutality. At what point should we say being a cop isnt the job for you ? BTW , He was also a Trumpdividian…you know the Para – Military Police POTUS .

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
Gene Ollivierre yeah that stuff is circumstantial and only matters to a jury in a trial

Gene Ollivierre See , Pure – Funk , this is the disconnect : Its not an issue of Black People ” Complying ” …more , its and issue of Bad , Racist Cops . The Knee to the Neck was NOT a legal restraint . It wasn’t even a Public lynching .It was worse .A lynching doesn’t take 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
Gene Ollivierre again, i think that this behavior happens across the board to black white or green suspects. the behavior was out of line for sure. but a jury will determine if it was race related i guess

Gene Ollivierre Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
Full disclosure. The Riot at Nicollet and Lake St . In Minneapolis was my old Neighborhood. 25 yrs ago , I went to visit my friends from Chicago who played College Basketball in MN then settled There .When me and few friends came to visit, all hell broke loose . A gang leader from Chicago shot 2 MN State Troopers and it was open season on Black men .It already was and back then , the cops all looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger .They called them Robocops. I saw worse than George Floyd got . They lived was the difference. That weekend I met my buddy’s girlfriends mother. We were all in the living room talk about the hell on the Minneapolis streets ( we couldn’t even go outside) . She asked me : Do live here ? I said no, I live in Chicago and I work for the head office at Allstate. She said I have Sunday Talk show mornings on KMOJ . Would you like to be my co-host ? I said thanks but I’m well into Allstate. She said she would set me up with a house rent free and I would be compensated. She said take a few days think about it .She said she was have Stokely Carmichael in from Libya .I went home and said there was nothing I couldn’t do , so I moved to Minnesota. 3 weeks into the show, she started getting death threats and threats to her children at school and a Cross burning on her lawn . She cancelled the show..

Gene Ollivierre I couldn’t disagree more .Reforming Police Departments and Unions will weed out bad cops and the NRA level Stranglehold ( no pun ) the Unions have on cities . You brutalize Black people, you don’t go to a desk job with pay and if fired , you dont get to resume you Brutality and Mentality by being accepted by other Police agencies in other states …for starters .

Gene Ollivierre That’s patiently false . BTW , you are 20xs more likely to be killed by a HOMEGROWN WHITE Terrorist than an illegal immigrant . I know, I know , Rodney King shouldn’t of resisted .Your theories on Policing isnt based in reality.

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
Gene Ollivierre and you have statistics and data that verify your ideas about policing?

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
Gene Ollivierre the data I have found is that black people are stopped more but the instances of fatal encounters is not higher in regards to blacks. I know, I know I need to cite this data. I’m eating now maybe later it will be good data to have handy

Gene Ollivierre Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
No need .Just show me White people Killed for Driving While White and Being executed .Your parsing without context . Again your making a disingenuous argument and Speak as is the playing field is level . You can post misleading statistics that omit many factors that you’re omitting in your threads .If the last 4 weeks has you trying to give misleading statistics, when almost EVERY Chief has denounced Police Brutality against Blacks …If you think people all around the WORLD and 15, 000 in Germany chanting ” Were not Innocent ” because Black people aren’t compliant, your pretty much on an island .Its sad you make cases against Blacks and excuses for centuries old Police Brutality against Blacks. Tragic . I guess me an WORLD protesting Police Brutality will have to beg to differ . I respect your right to be a self confessed contrarian. Its reminiscent of Racist trying to give misleading data without context to prove their not Racist .

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
Gene Ollivierre and you are using emotional pleas and popularity to back your ideas. I’m not sure I’m even making an argument, let alone a disingenuous one. At most I’m brainstorming and expressing my opinion.

Jeffery Pure-Funk Mitchell
And where did I “make a case against blacks?”

Gene Ollivierre Well this the place for YOU ! In this particular case ? Its that old saying : Why ask why ? If you’re a contrarian, it’s what you do .If I sound emotional, I should be . George Floyd could’ve easily been me . I lived in the same neighborhood he was Executed While Black . It’s an Epidemic. You REFORM and finally we wont be living this reality . If your not sure about what your saying or point, sometimes its good to just listen . I know that flies against a contrarian .

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