I Am Definitely Insensitive

oh i definitely may be insensitive, but not completely. but i could be “sensitive” (as in being aware) but don’t care. not sure. and i don’t completely not care, there are some things i care about.


i also appreciate and am grateful for some of the things that i don’t care about. and i have respect for the people who care about the things i don’t care about.

meaning it’s not a straight forward, binary, all on or all off thing. there are vast gray areas. i can care about this yet not have a drop of compassion for it. be ultra sensitive to that but not really care for or about it. i think if people had the time, patience and mental freedom to analyze their feeling they would find things are more complex than republican/ democrat, left or right, conservative or liberal. sure it’s easier to have categories and designations for the sake of understanding and identifying, but the politics of identity can be stifling. so i’m thinking the complexity of human emotion has got to be way too dynamic to be generalized. though i stereotype and mentally group people all the time, i get especially excited when i get it wrong, i celebrate it even.

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