Sloth Avoided

man o’man did yesterday start off super slothy. went to bed relatively late after seeing alvin ailey dance troupe do “Lazarus” at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion.

wonderful leisurely walk there after work nice day among the skyscrapers into a gorgeous building filled with sharp trendy dressed people. row U seat 25 very almost center about 25 rows back was very almost perfect. could have been about 6-9 rows closer for clarity, but was able to see and vibe the very poetic movements on stage. there were moments when it was deeply beautiful. moments when it was heavy. and moments when they was gettin’ it good. a tad crowded squeezed in my chair for my tastes, but a cool event regardless. and god knows i need to go out more. ain’t been out in ages and i believe it is affecting my disposition. not sure if its in a good or bad way, as i have been getting stuff done and absolutely loving being alone in my apartment to myself.

i did like 18K steps the day before waking up yesterday my day off. that’s almost twice my daily goal. and it was cold grayish and rainy looking i could tell looking out the window before i even got out of bed. i was like funk it. lazy day i’ll do steps later this evening knowing damn well that was probably not going to happen. and i was good with it. hell i got up, rented a movie on demand, ate and went back to bed. and went back to sleep! hell i think i did that twice even.

so around 4 or 5 i awaken and think to myself i should get them steps in. it would make me feel better about myself (if there is any better left to feel at this point of my dreamlivingly life) and about the day. so i get out there and i’m going and it’s almost tries to rain a little nothing more than very light drops not even a full drizzle and when i reach the point where i decide that im gonna finish this rain or shine it felt good as my mojo was up just a tad. so i knock out them almost 5 miles get back feeling fairly good sit at the computer and start playing with one of the podcasts i have been working on.

now its about 630pm or so and for me to get my 8 hours in i would have to be in bed by 9:45 but i’m on a roll. so much of a roll i did enough on that thing to where i was happy releasing it. what was specialish about this one is that it has a custom into i made and i put work into the sound. used gates, compressors, equalizers, automation, etc etc. i was happy with it. so i published it.

it may not be much in the grand scheme of what i can do but to have gotten my steps in and that podcast published made me feel pretty good about the day. so when i woke up this morning and mr scale showed me down a half pound from yesterday i was like super damn boy, you alright. it may be that getting the steps in at the end of the day has a better impact. not sure, but for me the weigh in after a day off is very often an increase of like 2 or 3. very rarely a minus sum’n.

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