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Daily Show Uses The Word “Nigger”

John Stewart, Dr Laura, Daily Show

I religiously watch two shows: Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  When one of these shows makes a statement that is reflective of what I believe I take that as an affirmation of my faith.  Three years ago I made my 2nd most viewed YouTube video “The Word Is Nigger.”  The …

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Caller Says Dr. Laura Should Be Taken Off Radio

Nita Hanson

Nita Thompson, the caller who was “victimized” by Dr. Laura Schlessinger stated tonight on Larry King Live that she does not accept Dr. Laura’s apology.  Ms. Hanson said she had called in to the show before and that she liked the moniker “Jade” that she used. Hanson went on to say Dr. Laura should no …

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