The Music Is But One Of The Delivery Devices

20151128_154823-cropHappy Friday!

i guess its time to take the show out on tour. im gonna have to book us some dates and brush up on my vocals!! i got fans! LOL

my thinking is to just keep pushing the music and ideas and they will resonate with someone and people eventually. to just keep broadcasting and putting it out there while improving and developing the process. i may do the Reverbnation thing push it and get my local stats up and then regional and then get songs on iTunes and the such.

produce and create. and get players to play on my stuff

i dont think i will get rich off of the music or its sales, but i will spin-off of the music into something that will be unique and profitable. like a style or a movement or a fad or a trend. the music is just one of the delivery devices of the ideology or that unique special thing or message. the key is to say or hit something that resonates beyond the music and and at a certain point you have to make people like it. you gain enough momentum and mojo to tell people (the masses) what they like and need.

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