The Sleep With The TV On People

these is the sleeping with the TV on’est people I know. from the upstairs bedroom I can hear two tvs just’a cranking out sound…


I fall asleep to podcasts set to a one hour timer. if I figured the timer and that thing stays on it awakens and annoys me after awhile. I need as much as possible silence. I meant to pack earplugs in my backpack I bet I won’t forget again…

I feel like playing lazy and staying in bed. as usual I awaken before my usual working alarm time and enjoy laying here just being. God I wish I had my earplugs. going to be 90 degrees today. I will get my steps in. I will eat too much. I will chill with family. I hope to hit Costco and pick up some multivitamins as I am out. man them tvs are loud! lol. human beings. we need them.

my mother’s setup is a TV, cable box and comfortable bed in every bedroom. and I mean DVR with all the movie channels. the set I use doesn’t get used often, but it’s nice and makes things very comfortable. I take that for granted and I know I am spoiled but the thing with being spoiled is if you are spoiled right you will never recognize how spoiled you are, you can’t. things are so inherent it’s a part of your natural reality. there is a lot of that in my life I willingly take for granted to keep me hungry and
I’ve done and pretty much do whatever I want in life. Over the last few years especially this has settled in to become the norm. it’s a powerful experience that leads to powerful feelings about life and myself. the freedom from the faith I have in life is euphoric.

and yes I brought Mr Scale with me…

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