The Black Solution

Mainly Us. i have never been one to ask anybody to do or stop doing anything for or to me.


i may have been lucky in that regard but its not in my nature to have somebody else fix anything for me. i think change must come from deep within the black community, starting with education that gives a person the tools to be successful in this capitalistic society. from there generational resources accumulate overtime. resources like skills, knowledge of laws and business as well as property and money. meaning that children are born into a situation in a household that has a lineage of “success” in this american experiment. it may take “Us” leaving some folks behind to get there but i believe that is now nature works. everybody doesn’t make it.

voting and awareness of the system. ALSO the ability to take criticism. i believe black people are not 100% the victim in this and there is a level of responsibility we must hold ourselves to. those of us who do not maintain a baseline standard should not be entitled to reap the rewards of those of us who do. i am NOT saying it’s all black people’s fault but i believe its black people’s responsibility.

i think these instances of police brutality are just a symptom of the real problem. you can get rid of all the racist and bad cops but the real issue of poor left behind black communities will still be there and other issues and conflicts will eventually arise

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