What Really Matters?

what really matters? does anything REALLY matter or is it all subjective and relative. is the only thing that counts determined solely by each individual? i’ve said many times before we don’t know what the “goal” is. without a goal there is no right, wrong, up or down. until it is determined what we are here for or what we are trying to achieve, nothing matters. life is the most precious thing we know. conscious is the greatest. for me the goal of life is life, meaning survival. what the importance of the survival of life is we may never know. and if we did, would that be a good thing? could that be a good thing? is knowing your fate a positive for humans the way our evolution has wired our thinking and instincts?

maybe there is no goal or point presently and it’s yet to be determined. possibly with consciousness it’s up to us to create the reason life should continue. from what we know about the size and scale of the universe and possibly an infinite amount of other universes, would it make a difference if life as we know it was totally wiped out? completely erased? what is the point of our existence? is it just to exist? ok, so we reach a point where everybody is equal and there is no suffering and everybody gets to go to Moscow and Steeler games whenever they want and this goes on for thousands of years. whats the point of that beyond individual happiness?

what’s the point of love?

yeah, that’s all warm and fuzzy but to me (subjective) means nothing in a practical sense. i mean i get it, i love you too and everybody and everything- even the stuff i don’t like i love. but if i ended it there nothing would get done or worse yet nothing would need to get done. there are species who have thrived for millions of years without love,. love is man made via the evolution of consciousness and is powerful and maybe the greatest feeling a human can have. but thats all it is, a feeling.

Whatever you can accomplish with love, you can without it. Name something that requires love to happen…

yeah I don’t want to seem as if I’m attacking you or your point, I just want to get to an “answer” I can grasp. and this is just my style. You saying love is the answer is like saying God is in control, there is no substance from my point of view. And quite frankly we don’t need either. In fact when we let go of such pacifying concepts I believe that’s when our consciousness will really become free and aware

Basically to your “what” I’m asking “how?”

if everything is love, then nothing is. i cool for a long discussion, but not a debate. i hope i’m not debating

for me this is where the true excitement of life is. in the not knowing and the yet to be determined. in chaos there is the greatest opportunity. i want mankind to have the chance to determine the fate or reason for all this. to evolve and create all this into something or our choosing

and in fact i prefer a world of conflict, struggle and suffering to some degree vs an Utopian paradise. i don’t want us all to love or like each other OR all get along. i want strong opposing opinions with passion to die for it. i want the possibility of everything to the max. i want threat as well as opportunity. i want fear as well as comfort.

i don’t want things equal and i don’t believe everyone should make it. as “make it” is highly subjective considering whatever any individual does is their “making it” and what they were “supposed” to do or be, whatever happens is what “supposed” to happen. good, bad or ugly…

AND what you mean is YOUR creator. without direct evidence what you are doing is imposing your creation belief on me. and or defining what my creator is and what it wants. let alone the “how do YOU know what your creator wants” question…

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