I Don’t Know Why I Feel So Good

i don’t know why i feel so good, energized in ways even. Steelers won, i got lots of sleep though i was up at 3:15am to be here in my chair by 5am. its cool to drive into downtown when starting this early, any later forget it take the train.


i’ve been sleeping a lot. i think i ate mostly ice cream and cookies yesterday. mr scale told me 223.3 today which is a pound in the right direction (maybe).
always good to be making $$ and though i was sort of looking forward to being off today, i feel happier that im not. i will get off at 1pm today and not scheduled to be back until wed, but that could easily change and i would not be mad at all.
p-funk in Oakland in a couple of weeks and a few days before that they play some beach goth 2 day event with a zillion other bands i wont want to hear. tix are $100 for both days and lets face it chances are i will be highly irritated by the goings on and the crowd. i wonder if my low tolerance of things that dont please me is a symptom of my sobriety. when you high everything becomes a fun adventure.could it be i’m present, more aware and highly sensitive to my immediate feeling because im not numbed by any stimulant?

im at my desk singing and shit. LOL happy animated and greeting people like i’m a long time permanent employee. i’m not only a temp but i’m the newest been here the shortest temp- and i better remember my place!! LOL unwritten social rule when you have a personality as powerful and bright as mine. oh yeah and as sharp and witty. and the boy’s smile can melt glaciers, wide open and obviously hiding nothing eyes wide open zoom zoom right past ya he will…

LOL man i love who and what i am. with the help of one hell of a support team i’ve developed myself into the me i’ve always wanted to be.

i get high on myself

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