Bringing in a P-Funky 2001

Bringing in 2001:
the day after i flew back to l.a. from ohio, i flew to oakland to bring in the new year with the p-funk allstars. at the van nuys flyaway i ran into a member of funkadelic (earlier that year he told me “when i see you there , i know its gonna be alright”) and we chilled with the t’bone player for big bad voodoo daddy who was going to vegas for a show. when we got to the airport we
ran into more funkadlelics on the plane with me was frankie (drummer), blackbyrd (guitar), greg (horn) and billy (bass). i get to the hotel and meet carlos (sir nose) and others. the show was good and my vibe was on fool (lol).in my hotel after the show i ran into trey lewd (george clinton’s son). checking out of the hotel the next day i personally gave props to gary (lead), lige (bass), baby payne, razor sharp (keyboard), and i saw clip.
it was very cooooool to start the year off by being close to the people who started and are a deep part of something that is a big part of my life. i had no idea i would see them like this so when “coincidences” like this happen its lets me know im on the right path….p-funk tour feb 2001
im writing this almost a month later. i had such a good time that i was too stimulated to record and write down stuff while it was happening, so here is what i can remember… it started riding to san diego on 2-21. got to the city early so i could hit a few museums; museum of man- which was really good and the museum of photographic arts. both are in balboa park which is like a spanish styled museum compound. i danced on the ride down, in the museums and even while i had a sushi lunch between museums.
i left there feeling good and go to the place where the show is gonna be, i walk right in as if i belong and peep the place. i run into a dude who had on a long sleeve black shirt that had “p-funk” and the numeral one ont he back. he said trey lewd gave it to him. im there too early so i go find get a motel 6 room and dance and chill gabbin with the cute young hispanic girls at the desk. get back to the show and my vibe is on fool!! im dancing constantly now. walking across street, in front of the place, at atm teller. most of the folx just look and i just keep dancing to funky music being played by the local radio staion truck. run into gruverboy who is too young to get in and i cop him a p-funk bandana. ran into talley nephew and we grooved for about a hour before the show. i danced into the place to a spot in the wide open middle and kept dancing dead on beat. jesters hat and pfunk1 jersey for all to see-show was good. clip sang the opening funkadelic songs on the floor leaning on the stage and the band was tight. except for mike hampton who was either messed up or pissed off. my vibe was on and it seemed every funkadelic who came out to sing, sang to me. directly to me. at one point

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“The Bible shows the way to go to heaven, not the way the heavens go.” -Galileo Galilei

Galileo’s Tomb

march 25, 2000 Driving past where galileo was under house arrest and died cause he said the Earth went around the Sun


12:54pm 5:05pm I am in St Croce, . A huge cathedral where Galileo (of course I took pix with flash which is a no-no of Galileo’s tomb) Da’vinci,  Machevelli and others are buried.


St. Croce and me; Florence, Italy


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CNN anchor checks Warren Ballentine in defense of Atheists

On his weekend show CNN Newsroom,  anchor Don Lemon interjected and corrected radio personality Warren Ballentine after Ballentine had made a non-inclusive statement along religious lines.  Attempting to make a point, Ballentine began with “If you are a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ…” before making his claim.  When Lemon had his chance to speak, he immediately pointed out that Ballentine’s statement was good for not only Christians, but for non-believers and “Atheists” also. This issuance of Newsroom had multiple guests discussing race in America and religion was not the main topic.

Link to CNN transcript below
“BALLENTINE: If you believe in god and you believe in Christ, we are children of god, we are all one. We have to get past it. We got all these technology and we’re too stupid to get along.
LEMON: And America, even if you don’t believe in whatever, if you’re an atheist, we still are supposed to accept everyone. Hey list, April, go ahead real quick.”

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The Funk Of Gods Project

Work continues on The FUNK of GODS Project as the idea for 2 more songs become digital tracks still in the early stages. An original rock-metal jam and another song in the vain of Parliament’s 70’s hit “Mothership Connection.”

Sample of projects rock jam: No Belief to Understand

Flash Promo test: FOG: Flash Promo

Update Video at Youtube: FUNK OF GODS Project update

Below is the initial video offering from the collaboration of Gospeldelic Records and jefferytv

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DAILYS: December 25, 2007

036why did i find it a surprise when i realized that the most powerful thing ive seen in the universe is directly related to the hardest job known to man? the simplest realizations are the most beautiful and most complex sometimes. and thats genius. being able to explain complex things in simple terms is genius. i got off track, merry christmas. realizing that santa claus has nothing to with the birth of the savior was another simple realization i had a couple days ago. im sure ive thought about this before and even argued it. but it hit me really hard a couple days ago when i thought santa claus is blasphemy and idol worship. santa claus is atheistic in nature. a

the most powerful and strongest thing ive seen in this universe is a mother’s love. the hardest job or undertaking i know of is parenting by far. i believe a mother’s love for her offspring to be instinctive as ive seen it change the animal. before we had consciousness something very strong motivated us to undertake the burden and forgo the risk to ourselves to raise offspring. imagine an animal in the wild raising offspring when it still has natural predators. thats a dangerous heavy burden. something strong was needed to motivate an animal in its greatest task in life, so evolved mother’s love. possibly from that came emotion,  communication, speech, consciousness, etc

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